About us

making schools better for girls

Our aims

We hope to make schools safer, more empowering environments for girls through collecting and sharing the personal testimonies of parents, caregivers and educators.

We believe that all girls should thrive and be celebrated in our schools. That school policies should value and empower girls by challenging sex stereotyping, and sexual harassment.

We are concerned that some policies being adopted by our schools undermine the ability of teachers to create safe and empowering learning environments.

That concerning levels of sexual harassment and sexual objectification of girls make schools an unsafe and traumatising experience for many.

That school policies, instead of making school safer, are removing single sex spaces, single sex sports and spaces where the female voice and experience is centred.


The Hands Up campaign is supported by a group of volunteers from Brighton Women’s Liberation Collective. BWLC runs monthly Sisters Salon meetings in Brighton – all women are welcome to join us, see the BWLC website to find out about our upcoming meetings.

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