‘what’s the point, they won’t do anything’

    • Brighton, Parent Story

My daughter doesn’t share a great deal of what happens at school. But I know from what she has said that the poor behaviour of boys (sexualised language, comments and catcalling – possibly more) goes pretty much unchallenged by the teachers and school leadership. There is a general sense of ‘what’s the point, they won’t do anything’. And I can see why. My daughter said that, during one lesson, some of the boys (year 11) were talking in very sexualised way about the teacher. I’m not sure if she was aware, but my daughter’s comment ‘dude, she’s at work’ saddened me. As if it was almost to be expected if she *wasn’t* at work.

I would like to see a whole council/cross-school approach to this; clear statements about behaviour and consquences. And consistency about the teaching of consent, pornography, etc. Get some common standards and approaches in place. Apart from anything else, it would be more efficient. But more importantly, could change things across the city as young people move between institutions and social groups.